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In Every Moment We Are Still Alive

Our garden is full of lovely fruits: blueberries, goji berries, black berries, apples and plums. This got me thinking of In Every Moment We Are Still Alive, which I art directed. The typography and gorgeous paper sculpture is by the talented Melissa Deckert.

The book is by the Swedish poet Tom Malmquist and is a mainly autobiographical account of how he copes when his wife dies of Leukaemia and he is left to raise their daughter on his own. His story is very powerful, moving and beautiful and the cover artwork aims to reflect this content. We wanted to capture an important moment in time when his daughter is standing under a cherry tree and the petals delicately falls away.


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The Life and Loves of a He Devil: A Memoir CD Pack

This also published last year in October 2014. Again I artworked all of the components which includes a clampack, wallet and onbody.

Clampack with pantone red:

3 Oct Life and Loves_cd_clampack.indd

CD wallet with a circular die cut on the right side. I artworked this so that Graham Norton with his dogs sits nicely around the die cut, with the simpler typographic onbody showing through:

17 SeptLIfe and Loves_CD_wallet.inddCD onbody:

LIfe and Loves_CD_onbody.indd

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