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Audio Artworking Collection 3

The latest collection of audios I’ve been artworking to to April 2016. Which include quite a few backlist updated audio covers as well as the new titles.

Audio collection14Audio collection142 Audio collection144 Audio collection143

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Audio Artworking Collection 2

Another update with the latest audio covers that I have artworked. It includes covers that are my own designs: Kit, The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins and Wealth Secrets of the 1%.

Audio collection13Audio collection14Audio collection14 Audio collection15Audio collection13

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The Delirium Trilogy, Lauren Oliver

A new ebook bundle that consists of three Lauren Oliver’s titles: Delirium, Pandemonium and Requiem is now available. I artworked a new cover for this trilogy, experimenting with various colour options. For the final cover there is a contrast between the dark mysterious blues and the brighter vibrant yellow amongst the foilage.


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The Life and Loves of a He Devil: A Memoir CD Pack

This also published last year in October 2014. Again I artworked all of the components which includes a clampack, wallet and onbody.

Clampack with pantone red:

3 Oct Life and Loves_cd_clampack.indd

CD wallet with a circular die cut on the right side. I artworked this so that Graham Norton with his dogs sits nicely around the die cut, with the simpler typographic onbody showing through:

17 SeptLIfe and Loves_CD_wallet.inddCD onbody:

LIfe and Loves_CD_onbody.indd

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The Three audio

The Three audio I artworked a while back.


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Force Benedict PB

Updated new image into both front and back cover artwork.


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Holy Spy audio

Holy Spy audio I recently artworked.


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