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Hardback to Paperback Cover Designs

Thought I would do a post on the cover design differences from hardback to paperback editions. Both the hardbacks and paperbacks displayed here, I feel that I am happy with the design outcomes whatever the changes in cover direction maybe.

Sometimes the paperback is simply a straight forward adapt of the original hardback edition. The Wild Air only has a difference in the quote used.

Other times the paperback is more or less the same design as the original edition but with a few amends. Happiness is a State of Mind paperback has been changed with the overall colours brightened, a coloured background added in and the composition has been centralised.

Similarly, When the Floods Came paperback is an amended design. It has a gradual change from dark blue to a brighter blue background colour and with the additional three quotes means also a change in composition.

In other cases the design of the paperback is completely new and fresh. The Harmless Like You paperback has a photographic and more commercial appeal compared with the delicately illustrated hardback approach.

Another example of this is the Beyond Happiness paperback, again with a photographic and more mass market appeal.


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Summer at Hope Meadows Featured in Spine Magazine

I stumbled across an article on Spine Magazine featuring Summer at Hope Meadows. All thanks to Sara Mulvanny for her beautiful work on this project. You can also read the article about her working processes on this link.

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Hidden Christmas, Timothy Keller

Only a month to go till Christmas…so in trying to keep up with last year’s trend of posting a Christmas book, I’ve decided to post my design for Hidden Christmas HB. The finished product has gold foil typography and circular details. This has already been available to purchase since 17th November 2016.

Hidden Christmas_V1



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Organising Audio Covers

I’m making sure all of the audios have covers even if the main edition artwork is not ready. I’ve varied the design elements for each imprint.


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The High Places in Print

The High Places HB is printed on uncoated stock with a subtle spot uv finish on the title, author name, shoutline and author photo.


I chose a bold orange wibalin to tie in with the landscape but contrast lighter sky on the actual jacket.


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Unthink in Print

Check out the Unthink book cover with the blind spot uv in full effect.


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Moonstone: Animated cover

Hurrah!! Moonstone has been made into an animated version.


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