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Moonstone, Sjón

See below my book cover design for Moonstone by Sjón. The art direction was to create an atmospheric, powerful and literary cover image. Aiming for a more allusive/abstract look rather than to be overly detailed. I commissioned Owen Gent to illustrate an Icelandic mountain landscape with a silhouetted figure looking out into the distance. The illustration has great use of muted colours that is suggestive of a dream like state of mind. Therefore, this links with the idea of the main character’s imagination interweaving with reality.



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The High Places: Animated cover


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Audio Artworking Collection 2

Another update with the latest audio covers that I have artworked. It includes covers that are my own designs: Kit, The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins and Wealth Secrets of the 1%.

Audio collection13Audio collection14Audio collection14 Audio collection15Audio collection13

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Collected Memoirs, Alan Titchmarsh

I designed the ebook bundle for Alan Titchmarsh’s Collected Memoirs. This needed to keep with the author branding of previous titles.

Alan Titchmarsh Collected memoirs_ pack shot3_web

Alan Titchmarsh_ebook bundle_web

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