When the Floods Came, Clare Morrall

I designed When the Floods Came (hardback, trade paperback and ebook). This is an atmospheric literary book with a hint of a thriller. The beautifully detailed illustration of the foliage engulfing the tower block is by Claire Scully. The finished book will have gold foil amongst the leaves as well as the typography.

About the book:

A gripping and vividly imagined novel set in the late 21st century, when climate change means summers are very hot, spring and autumn brief and winter brings floods and snow. 20 years earlier a deadly virus wiped out most of the UK’s population and all the major cities have been sealed up. The Polanski family – Nikolai and Bess, their 3 daughters and one son – are lucky: not only immune to the virus but, unlike many, still fertile. Most other survivors live in the capital, Brighton, but they have stayed on alone in their tower block outside Birmingham, living off their own produce and the occasional supply drop, staying in contact with others via the net. But just when 22-year-old Roza is preparing for the arrival of the fiancé she has met online, a stranger arrives: charming, friendly, mysterious Aashay. They can’t decide whether to trust him – and in the end it turns out he was even more dangerous than they suspected.

When the floods came_demy_hb.indd


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