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Kimberley Chen: Books Blog

I designed this banner for Kimberley Chen’s lovely Books Blog. Please do visit this blog here.

Kim Banner

Blog About Page: “Kimberley Chen is a London-based writer. Her favourite authors are Lionel Shriver, Pat Barker, Paul Murray, Ian McEwan, Thomas Hardy, Sarah Waters, Annabel Pitcher and too many others to name. She also likes picture books by Oliver Jeffers and Emily Gravett, and enjoys finding inspiration from Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic, Cookery School and Jamie Does…  books. This blog is used as a space to post up the latest interesting books news.”


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The focus of this cover is on the positive aspects of Nigel Slater’s childhood food memories like his mother’s burnt, but comforting, piece of buttered toast and home-made jam tarts. As I was showing his passion for food and cookery, I wanted a more playful and energetic feel with a handwritten type.


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The Little House

Through subtle and psychological manipulation Ruth’s mother-in-law, Elizabeth, has managed to control many aspects of Ruth’s life. Ruth has been forced to give up her career and move into a little, claustophobic house situated next to her in-laws’ home. The cover focuses on the scene in which Ruth is suffering from depression and I imagined her looking up from her bed and feeling trapped and small in the corner of the room.


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