A Secret Club: Super Duper Nova

I took part in making a piece of artwork for A Secret Club’s Super Duper Nova exhibition. This took place on the 18th January at the cinema Øst for Paradis in Aarhus, Denmark for 3 weeks. The exhibition theme was Stars (excludes celebrities and astrology) and the artwork is made up of exchanged artists’ collage materials. I’m also featured in the Super Duper Nova zine alongside over 20 international artists, designers and illustrators. Make sure you don’t miss out and buy your copy of the zine here. Each one has an individual hand cut feature on the cover, so each one is beautifully unique and special!

For my piece Endless Daydream, I wanted my star to portray clues to a narrative. My work is based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe named Annabel Lee. The narrator doesn’t see stars in the sky but instead sees it as the bright eyes of Annabel Lee, whom he lost to the envious angels.  My work presents itself from the eyes of the narrator in a state of daydream. “And the stars never rise but I see the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee”.

Thanks to Annabelle Nielsen and Kenn Munk for this opportunity.


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